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Cotton Crochet Thread
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Aravosis, Della (created by)
Aravosis, Freida (is related to)
Aravosis, Della (is related to)
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White, square doily, There are nine flower set in three rows. They each have four petals, which are in a arrow shape pointing inwards. There are also six other smaller flowers which are set under the larger flowers. The smaller ones have sixteen petals. Also inbetween all of the flowers are a larger dimond shape pattern, which are created by two parallel crochetes.
Frieda Arvaosis was born in Chicago, but at the age of five her mother past away and since there were no daycares or any way for a single man to raise his child alone, thet moved back to his village in Greece, Sellasia. There her and her siblings were raised by her grandmother. Starting in fourth grade, girls are encouraged to stay after school for about one hour of instruction, several times a week in various fabric arts. By agee fourteen all the girls in the village had mastered the art, except weaving. Freida on the other hand learned on a family's large loom. Also at fourteenthe girls began preparing their prika. At this time World War II had started so the supplies in Greece were low, all of the ladies that stayed home were asked to help by knitting, making pullovers, sweaters, and gloves. At the end of the war Freida was able to go back to American, being a born citizen, but was unable to bring all of her prika, as it was to bulky, but some did manage to make it all the way home. This piece in particular was not handmade by Frieda herself, but by her mother-in-law Della Aravosis. She was born in Vrestana-Sparta and came to America when she was very young. She was married at age fourteen.
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