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Studio, Star (is related to)
Phillos, George (owned by)
Secaras, John (collected by)
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Photo in Murphysboro, IL of a building damaged by the Tri-State Tornado. The third floor of the building is open in the back and you can see rubble inside. On the street level, the awnings are falling apart. In front of the building is rubble piled up. There is a man walking in front of the building next to a light post. To the left of the building are three other buildings. The one adjacent also seems to be deteriorating as the windows on the second and third floors have holes in them. There are telephone lines sweeping from the top left corner of the photo to the bottom right. The photo has a sepia tone to it. At the bottom right written in white is 'Star Studios Bloomington Ill.' At the bottom left is written in white 'Street scene Murphysboro, Ill' and '20' written just about that.
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