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Good Friday 1930's
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Addams, Jane (is related to)
Kirkland, Wallace (is related to)
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Black and white photograph of a parade at night. The photo is taken from a high vantage point so that it surveys a large crowd of people. The focal point of the scene is a lit up and heavily decorated structure with a flat bottom from which four legs extend upwards to meet a heavily decorated (but not very clear) top section. There are several streamers attached to the top of this structures that are long enought that people walking around it hold on to them. it is being carried by about four men per side. Policement hold hands to create a movign barriier around it to keep the large crown from getting too close. The procession is going down a city street but it is too dark to discern any landmarks.
Labels on the back of this photo identify it as having been in the Jane Addams Memorial Collection as a part of the Wallace Kirkland Papers from the University of Illinois at Chicago Library. When the university moved to Halsted St. It displaced the Greektown Delta and forced most of the Hull House to close. Wallace Kirkland was the director of the Hull House Boys Club. Around 1935 Kirkland was introduced to photography and began to document his environment. Shortly after this Kirkland was hired by Life magazine as a photographer and spent the next 30 years photographing the world. The photograph is of the procession of the Holy Sepulcher on Good Friday c.a. 1930. The procession is going down Halsted street past the Hull House complex.
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