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February 28, 1916
Donated by Mary Zootis
Object Description
Photograph of donor's mother and father on their wedding day printed and then glued securely on a metal plate with rounded edges. The donor's mother sits and her father stands. The photograph is in black and white with elements highlighted in color--the donor's mother's jewelry and the leaves of her veil, the background and her boutineer.
Photograph is of Christina Sardounis and Christos Constas on their wedding day on February 28, 1916 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Father George Sardounis performed the sacrament/ceremony. Christina is the daughter of Father George Sardounis and Mary Petas. She was born in 1896. Christos Papaconstadopoulos was born on August 3, 1888 and immigrated from Patras, Greece in 1907 through Ellis Island, New York where his name was modified to Constas during the process of applying and recieving his American Citizenship. Christos owned restaurants, corner grocery stores and meat markets in San Francisco, California where they had four children: Anna (1916), Mary (1918), Constantine (1922), and Pauline (1924). Christina passed away in 1925 but Christos never re-married. In 1944, he sold the Cleveland Street home and purchased 77,79, and 81 Valley Street, San Francisco. He and his family were very involved members in teh Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco. Christos was a chanter and a janitor at the Church.
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