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Psiharis, John (is related to)
Thomopoulos, Elaine (is related to)
Mistaras, Evangeline (is related to)
Papadopoulos, Athanasia (is related to)
Litsas, Fotios (is related to)
Chioros, Peter (is related to)
Maroutsos, Peter (is related to)
Bakalis, Michael (is related to)
Gountanis-Rigas, Connie (is related to)
Kiotas, Theodosis (is related to)
Kollintzas, Elaine (is related to)
Litsas, Fotios (is related to)
Matoutsos, Peter (is related to)
Panos, Toni (is related to)
Sarelas, Aphrodite (is related to)
Kotssovos, Ethel (is related to)
Rassogianis, John (is related to)
Alpogianis, Manolis (is related to)
Object Description
Black and white photograph of a group of 25 people, the majority of which are men, with four women present. The man on the left has thick rimmed glasses and is wearing a black suit. The woman on the right is wearing a long dress and holding a hat behind her back. Lichts can be seen on the ceiling, and there are three bookshelves in the background. The middle one has a helm on it. All of the men are wearing suits with white shirts and ties and black shoes.
Picture was found in a frame with a piece of paper listing the Greek-American Community Services members. It is as follows: "Founders: John Psiharis, Elaine Thomopoulos, Ph.D.; Officers: President: Evangeline Mistaras; Vice-Presidents: Athanasia Papadopoulos, Pharm. D., Fotios Listas, PhD; Secretary: Peter Chioros, D.P.M.; Treasurer: Peter Maroutsos, CPA; Board of Directors: Michael J. Bakalis, Peter Chioros, D.P.M, Connie Gountanis-Rigas, Theodosis Kiotas, M.D., Elaine Kollintzas, Fotios Litsas, Ph.D., Peter Matoutsos, CPA, Evangeline Mistaras, Toni Panos, Athanasia Papadopoulos, Pharm.D., Aphrodite Sarelas; Executive Director: John Psiharis; Director, Community Aging Network: Ethel Kotssovos; Director, Cultural and Arts Program: John Rassogianis; Special Events Coordinator: Manolis Alpogianis." The bottom says "Working to Preserve Our Heritage, A Not-For-Profit Organization Dedicated to Serving the Greek-American Community"
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