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Balkan War
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Bokios, George (is related to)
Bokios, Steven (is related to)
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Reprint of a photo taken in 1913 of a soldier. The photo has had color added, as well. The soldier is wearing red shoes with black pompoms on the end with a green military uniform. He is holding a gun in his right hand and has a sword at his left hip, as well as a knife through his ammo belt around his waist. The gun is a bolt action rifle. He is also wearing a green hat. There is a white edge on the left of the photo. The back of the photo says "Kodak: Official Sponsor of the Olympic Games" with the rings under it, which dates this copy from 1995 to 1997. There is also a rectangle with a hand that reads "Kodak Image Magic Paper."
This is a picture of Steven Bokios, the father of the donor. It was taken about 1913 when he was a soldier in the Greek Army fighting in the Balkan War. Shortly thereafter, he immigrated to the United States working his way on a freighter. He held various jobs, saving money to send back to Greece to provide a dowry for his sister. Because of that, he married late in life and had four children, all college graduates.
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