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Photo Paper
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Color processed picture on photo paper. Subject is a young man in military uniform. He is wearing a brown hate with a large brim and a regulation brown army shirt with his collar popped up, buttons down the front, and two pockets on the breast. On his left breast, there is a gold medal in the shape of a five-pointed star in a circle hanging from a red and white striped ribbon. He has dark hair and dark eyes and is looking at the camera. The background is dark green.
Private George Dilboy was born of Greek parents at Alatsata, near Smyrna, Asia Minor on February 5, 1896. He enlisted in Company H 1st Inf., New Hampshire National Guard on June 19, 1916. On February 19th, 1917, he mustered out and again reported for service on July 25, 1917 to Company H 103rd Inf., 26th Division from Somerville, Mass. He left the United States for foreign service on September 25, 1917 and participated with distinction in the Champagne-Marne defensive and the Aisne-Marne offensive.
On July 18, 1918, during the battle of Belleau Woods, France, Private Dilboy volunteered single-handedly to wipe out a German machine gun nest that was threatening his platoon with total annihilation. He carried on even after he had received several bullets to the abdomen, until he came to his objective. When he arose to charge the two remaining gunners with his baoynet his right leg was literally severed from his body by a volley of bullets from the enemy guns. With undaunted courage he continued to fire from a prone position, killing both of the remaining enemy gunners, and dying with a smile on his face.
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