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Protest by Women Walk Home against the division of Cyprus
Photo Paper
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A color photograph. The photo depicts a large group of people standing on and around a road in the countryside. A group of soldiers stands in a semi-circle across the width of the road and around the sides. The soldiers are wearing khaki uniforms and their arms are linked together. A group of women stand on the road, in front of the soldiers. There are more people, including four in black uniforms, behind the women. The land around the road is mostly grass, with a number of small bushes. There is a windmill in the background.
This photo was taken near the border between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. The women are part of a group called Women Walk Home. They are protesting against the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus by trying to cross the border into Northern Cyprus, while the soldiers are preventing them from crossing. Three of these demonstrations were staged in the late 1980s. Northern Cyprus is a self-declared state in the northeast of the island of Cyprus. In 1974, coup took place in Cyprus, part of an attempt to make Cyprus part of Greece. In response, Turkey invaded Cyprus. Turkey evicted much of the Greek population of the North and most of the Turkish Cypriots living in the south moved north. In 1983, Northern Cyprus unilaterally declared independence, however the state has never been recognized by any country other than Turkey. Northern Cyprus greatly relies on Turkey for economic, political, and military support. A buffer zone controlled by the United Nations separates Northern Cyprus from the rest of the island and divides Nicosia, the largest city and capital. The soldiers in this picture are likely members of either the Turkish army or the UN peacekeeping force.
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