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A black-and-white photographic print. It depicts a group of men in three rows, with the first row sitting and the other two rows standing behind them. Most of the men are wearing suits and ties, although a couple are wearing military uniforms. All of the men are wearing military side caps. Many of them have medals on their chests. A couple of the men have canes. The men are in a grassy area, with a wooden fence and several trees behind them.
Text at the bottom of the image says:
"Phalanx of Greek War Veterans
Picnic Aug. 25th 1940 Chicago"
This picture was donated by Daisy Agres. The fifth man from the right in the first row appears to be John Agreostathes. Agreostathes (or Agriostathis) was born in 1879 and apparently served as an officer in the Greek army before immigrating to the United States. In the lead-up to the Balkan Wars, he organized and trained young Greek men in Chicago. In 1912, it is recorded that they were preparing to travel to Greece to take part in the conflict. This picture was taken at a 1940 picnic for the Phalanx of Greek War Veterans in Chicago. The Phalanx was obviously group for Greek veterans, but there is little information about it.. It is unknown if the group still exists.
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