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Arfanis, Iphegenis (is related to)
Philosophos, George (is related to)
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Wedding portrait of Iphegenis Arfanis and George Philosophos. Done in black and white George is sitting down in the left side of the picture with Iphegenis standind to the right. Her left hand is on his shoulder while her other hand is holding onto a bouquet of flowers, most look like roses. He is sitting is a slight hunch to his back and both arms resting on the arm rests. Both have a somewhat serious expression to the face and looking straight at the viewers.
Iphegenis Arfanis, who arrived in the U.S. about 1915, was married to George Philosophos, who arrived in the U.S. about 1891. They married January 29, 1916 at The Annuciation Cathedral in Chicago by Rev. Hajedemetriou. Iphegenia died on June 26, 1977 abd George on June 19, 1966.
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