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Card, Political
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Small political card (about the size of a business card) for James K. Chelos, the first Greek-American judge. The card's front has a formal portrait (headshot) of Chelos and underneath is written, "Vote For Judge James K. Chelos Municipal Court" and underneath this block "Vote Democratic Primary Election Tuesday, April 8, 1958." The back side of the card has in bold, "Vote for Experienced Judges For The Municipal Court of Chicago (Twelve to be selected)." Underneath this heading is a list of the other democratic canidates with James K. Chelos's name at the top in bold. The other eleven names are Jospeph J. Drucker, Norman N. Eiger, Joseph B. Hermes, Irving Landesman, Francis T. McCurrie, Alexander J. Napoli, Sigmund J. Stefanowicz, Chester J. Strzalka, George B.Weiss, Felix M. Buoscio, and Joseph J. Butler. To the left of each name is a small box with an x inside it, encouraging voters to vote the democratic line. At the bottom of the card in bold it says, "Vote Democratic."
This card was likely issued as Chelos was running for re-election. Cards such as these that list the candidates for a single party are not uncommon.

Born in Tripolis, Greece. Attended grammar and high school there and immigrate to the US in 1912. He graduated from the Chicago Law School, in Chicago, IL and was admitted to the Bar in June 1932 and engaged in the general practice of law in Chicago.

In 1933 he was appointed Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago and held that position for over 19 years. He was elected an Associate Judge of the Municipal Court of Chicago in Nov. 1952 and 1958. He was elected an Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1964. He was not only the first Greek-American judge, but the first Greek-American to be elected to public office.
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