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Petrakis, Mark (is related to)
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Black and white photograph a woman standing next to a seated man in Greek Orthodox priestly robes. The woman is wearing a dark dress with white shoulders and embroidered accents along the dress' bust and pockets. She has her hair pulled back simply and wears a choker with a cross pendant. The man is in long black robes with a tall balck hat the has a flattened rim at the top. His cross pendant is much larger and falls halfway down his chest. He also has a full beard and moustach. The couple is set in front of a hazy background that is most likely the photographer's studio background.

Notes on the back Identify this photo as having belonged to the Peoples of Utah College where it was titled "Greeks in UT B-239, rw. 38." It goes on to identify the figures: "Father Mark Petrakis and his wife. Father Petrakis was the first Greek Priest of Price, UT. (1915)"
According to the note Father Petrakis was the first Greek priest in Price, UT. The first Greek arrived in Utah in 1870 but steady immigration did not start until about 1900. The Greek immigrants worked primarily as miners or on the railroads. They were brought in as cheap labor to break strikes and so were paid extremely poor wages and lived in shanty towns. The first Eastern Orthodox church was built in 1905 and served all Eastern Orthodox faiths not jus the Greeks. By 1915 thousands of Greeks were working in the Carbon County mines and on railroad gangs in eastern Utah and western Colorado.A second Greek church, the Assumption, was dedicated in Priceon August 15, 1916 this must have been Father Petrakis' church.
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