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May 24, 1942
Dedication of the George Dilboy Memorial
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Douglas, e (is related to)
Dilboy, George (is related to)
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Dedication of the George Dilboy Memorial. In the very background of the image are trees, in front of those trees is the memorial statue of George Dilboy. Surrounding the memorial statue are bushes and a flower wreath with a small American flag at the bottom right of it. There is a man situating the flower wreath. Lined up in two rows leading up to the flower wreath, and ultimately the George Dilboy Memorial, are men and assumed veteran soldier dressed in trench coats and umbrellas in hand.
Donated by Gene Douglas. George Dilboy immigrated to America in 1910. He returned to Greece around 3 years later to fight in the Greek Army in Thessaly during the First Balkan War of 1912. He also stayed there to fight in the Second Balkan War in Macedonia in 1913. He then returned to America, specifically Sommerville, Massachusetts, where he went to school and worked for a few years before he volunteered for the U.S. Army to fight in France during WWI, where he was killed at age 22 after heroicly attacking an enemy fortress almost solely by himself. By doing this, he led by example for other solidiers to fight bravely with all of their energy.
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Photograph, May 24, 1942, Gene Douglas Collection, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 11/29/23.