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Black-and-white photograph. Pictured is the AHEPA 93 men's basketball team and coach. In the foreground is a trophy. Five players are on one knee in a line behind the trophy. Standing behind the five kneeling players are six more players and the coach. The player standing in the center of the back line is wearing a dark-colored warmup suit with "AHEPA 94" on the left breast. Standing in the back, second from the right is the coach in a stripped suit and vest. The remaining players are wearing thier jerseys that consist of sneakers, light-colored shorts with two dark stripes running down the outside of the leg, and light-colored tank top jerseys with "AHEPA 93" stitched across the chest. Written across the bottom, in white is: "Hellenic National Basketball Champions 1940."
Donor unknown. It is unclear as to who this team is and what the tournament is that they were champions of. It is possible that the team is the AHEPA All Stars who won the N.H.I.T.B. in 1940. However, the trophy the team is photographed with is not the Jim Londos trophy that is awarded to the N.H.I.B.T. champions. The N.H.I.B.T. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1931. The purpose of the N.H.I.B.T. was to provide an outlet for Greek youths to have fun and escape the stresses of the Depression, to network with fellow Greeks, and to use the emerging sport of basketball as a tool for Greeks to assimilate to American culture. The N.H.I.B.T. has held annual basketball tournaments since 1931.
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Photograph, 1940, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 02/28/24.