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Paper, Photographic
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Photo Paper
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Karides, G.P. (created by)
Calas, Andrew (is related to)
Karides, G. (created by)
Object Description
A black and white photo of six men gathered around. The men are all dressed formally in suits and ties. Many of the men are wearing pins on their lapel, Andrew Calas, who is sitting on the front right, is wearing an American flag pin. The four men in the back of the picture are all holding hands. Three of the men have their left leg crossed over their right leg as if they are dancing. The man on the very end even has his hand on his hip. One man in the picture is smiling slightly. Calas and a man next to him sit cross-legged on the floor on a Persian rug. He has a guitar is front of him but is holding a mandolin is if about to play. The man next to Calas is holding a banjo mandolin and looks like he is playing. There is a curtain and a window in the background of the photograph.
These photographs were donated by Candi, Kurt and Craig Calas. The man in the left of the picture is Andrew Calas. The picture was taken sometime before 1926 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Calas is playing a Bouzouki. A bouzouki is a greek musical instrument that was brought to Greece in the 1900s from Asia minor. The instrument quickly became a large part of rebetika- or Greek folk music.
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