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Paper, Photographic
Riis School Graduates, December 1942
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Class photograph
Photo Paper
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Riis, Jacob (is related to)
Calas, Andrew, (is related to)
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A black and white photo of 29 students, from Riis Elementary School in December, 1942. The students are around 11 years of age and all dressed up for their picture. The girls in front sit in simple wooden chairs and the boy in back stand on bleachers. The back drop is a music classroom with a measure and notes written on the black board. At the top of the picture there is an illustration of dancing people that is frammed on the wall and at the other corner, a clock. In the back row one boy has his face circled in black marker. This was Andrew Calas, Andrew and Chrisanthes' son.
This is a photograph of Riis school 7B students of 1942. Andrew and Chrisanthe Calas' son, Andrew is in the second to back row of the picture with his face circled in black marker. He was about 11 or 12 in this picture. On the back of the photo the childrens names are written, first and last, in the order that they are standing. Jacob A. Riis elementary school was built in 1915 and then closed in 2001. It was possibly demolished around 2004. Jacob August Riis was a Danish American social reformer and photographer who lived from 1849 to 1914, a year before the school was constructed. Riis was known for using his photography and journalism to help the impovrished of New York City. He is considered one of the fathers of photography due to his earl implementation of flash in his work.
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