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A copy of a black and white formal portrait of five individuals. On the left is a seated young man dressed in a light colored suit with the youngest child on his lap. In the center is the other child standing on a chair next to him. The woman, located on the right is dressed in a shirt and skirt, and has their hand resting on the arm of a chair. To the left is a standing individual, they are wearing a dark colored suit, white shirt and necktie. The background behind them is plain.
Photo is donated by A.G. Spanos Companies. Founded in 1960 by Alex Spanos, the A.G. Spanos Companies has its corporate headquarters in Stockton, California and regional division offices in Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, South Carolina, plus Northern and Southern California.

This is a family photograph of his father, Constantinos Spanos, Cousin, Constantine, His mother, Evanthia Spanos, Himself, and his brother Danny Spanos.
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