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A black and white photograph of two couples.  The man on the far left is neatly groomed with his hair slicked straight back and he has a clean shaven face.  He is wearing a light colored suit with a white button-down shirt and a diagonally striped tie that coordinates with his suit.  He is holding a straw boaters hat with a dark hat band in his right hand, which is down and to his side.  His left arm is not visible due to the fact he is turned towards the woman next to him.   The woman next to him is slightly shorter than he is.  She is facing forward with dark wavy hair parted on the side and pulled back.  She is wearing a lace tea-length dress, and carrying a dark handbag that matches her shoes.  The next man is turned slightly towards the center of the picture.  He is about 4 inches taller than everyone else and is also neatly groomed.  His hair is parted neatly on the side and has a clean shaven face.  He is wearing a dark suit, with a white button down shirt and dark tie.  He is carrying a straw boater's hat with a dark hat band in his left hand which he holds down at his side.  Lastly, the woman on the far right is turned almost completely to the center of the picture, appearing almost in profile.  She is about the same size as the first woman and has medium to dark colored wavy hair either pulled back or cropped.  She is wearing a short-sleeved dress with an open herringbone pattern.  She has both of her hands clasped and resting on the left shoulder of the man next to her.   Both the back ground and foreground are blurry.
Photograph donated by Ann Strimboules, the picture is of her mother, Katina Moraitou. This photo is of her father and her mother, the dress was made by her mother. Katina Moraitou was born in Tsesme, Turkey in 1889. She was the oldest of eight children. Her father, Nicholas, was a tobacco grower and also worked as an accountant and manager of a larger farm. With the turmoil that was going on in Turkey, the family left and settled in Greece on the island of Chios. The family had lost everything and thus scattered to survive. Her father and youngest brother went to France, while another brother, George, came to America. Katina followed George and worked for a manufacturer as a young girl. Quotas were limited for immigrants of Katina's background consequently in 1922, her arrivasl was witha passport of a different ethnicity, and name. Her marriage to her husband was aranged in 1924. Ann was born in Greece in 1930, and was adopted at the age of two months. Her father and her were close friends, and were always surprised when her mother came home and told them some new quest she performed.
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Photograph, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 06/03/23.