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Markos, Harold (is related to)
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A black and white photo of three men and a woman standing in Virden Candy Store. There are counters on both sides of the store. At the back of the room there are tables with wire tables and a mirror. There is a chandelier in the middle of the store. The left counters are made of glass and contain baked goods. One man is standing in front of there. On the left side, the counter has boxes and bottles on top of it, as well as glass lamps. A younger man stands in front of this counter. Down the counter from him stands the woman. These three people wear white shirts and long white aprons. At the back of the room, a man in black stands.
Harold Gene Markos donated pictures of his father and great uncle at Virden Candy Store. Candy stores offered a big job market for Greek immigrants. When thet first would come to America, not many jobs would be available. Many times they would open carts and sell traditional Greek food. As demand grew, they made more money and eventually opened stores.
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