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Phillos, George (owned by)
Secaras, John (collected by)
Phillos, Christ (is related to)
Object Description
A black and white photograph of a Princess Display Case with a building built out of candies and sweets, flying an american flag. On both sides of the building are boxes of candy stacked upon each other. In front of the building are open boxes of candy. There is white writing in the top left corner which reads, "Photo by G. Phillos. 12-24-24." There is also writing on the bottom which reads, "Princess Confectionery Bloomington Illinois." Both of this writing is in cursive.
The Phillos confectionary store and Princess Confectionary Store were both owned by Christ Phillos. These stores were located in Bloomington, Il. The pictures were taken by Jeo Phillos in the early 1900s.
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