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A black and white photograph of a young boy in a traditional Greek costume. He is wearing a white skirt with many pleats, a black vest, a white shirt, and a white belt. He is wearing a white headdress with gold coins, which is tied on the left side. He is standing in front of a black chair. The background is clear.
Donated by Alex Spanos of A.G. Spanos companies. A.G. Spanos companies is a nationally recognized builder and developer of multifamily properties.

The little boy wears a traditional foustanella, the Greek traditional costume. Fustanella (for spelling in various languages, see chart below) is a traditional skirt-like garment worn by men of many nations in the Balkans (Southeast Europe), similar to the kilt. In modern times, the fustanella is part of Balkan folk dresses. In Greece, a short version of the fustanella is worn by ceremonial military units like the Evzones, while in Albania it was worn used by the Royal Guard in the interbellum era.
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