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March 1982
Photo Paper
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Papageorge, James (is related to)
Object Description
This is a black and white photograph of an old man wearing a cap, a suit and a tie. He is standing in a candy shop. There are various candies and appliances around him. Each item for sale has a white price sign. There is a painted picture of a little girl hanging on the wall.
James Papageorge is the owner of Gayety Candy in Chicago.

James Papageorge bought Gayety's Chocolates and Ice Cream Company in 1920, it was located next door to the Gayety movie theater in South Chicago. The movie theater is gone. However, the ice cream parlor continues to thrive as a third-generation family-owned gathering place for neighbors, friends, families and colleagues.

Great-uncle Jim was nine years old when he arrived by himself in the United
States, from Tripoli, Greece. He landed penniless. But he worked hard, earning money by scooping ice cream at the local ice cream parlor and selling fruit at the local fruit stand.

By 1920, he had saved enough to buy Gayety's Chocolates and Ice Cream Company. A perfectionist who wore a suit to work every day, great-uncle Jim developed recipes the candy store still uses today.
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