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December 1992
Angelos Chatas at work
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A photograph of an older man sitting behind a desk. He is wearing a white shirt with a grey tie. Behind him is a phone, some books, and breifcase. On his desk there are papers and writing utensils.
When Angelos Chatas' father passed away in 1940, he dropped out of high school to help support his family. Upon hearing that the Navy paid well, he volunterred for service in April of 1943. He grew up in Chicago. Chatas served as a U.S. Navy demolitions expert during Operation Dragoon, which brought more than 60,000 Allied soldiers ad 20,000 tons of material ashore on Aug 15th 1944. Operation Dragoon was one of the most successful campaigns of WWII. Allied forces freed more French people and captured more Germans than during the Normandy invasion 10 weeks earlier. A relatively small casualty figure left Dragoon hidden in the shadow of the Normandy invasion. More than 150,000 soliders from former French colonies in Africa fought alongside the Allies. After receiving honorable discharge in 1945, Chatas returned to Chicago and got his high school degree. He then attended the University of Texas, Austin from 1946-1951, getting a bachelor degree in petroleum engineering. He spent most of his professional career with Mobil, and his wife.
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