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December 2004
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A photograph of an oldre man kneading bread in a mixing bowl on a kitchen table. He is wearing a hat, glasses, and a apron with Santa Claus on it. There are other bread goods on the table and the table has a christmas themed table cloth on it. The wall paper on the walls is floral print. In the background you can see more christmas decorations.
John Peter Bouris was born in Tegea, Tripoli Greece on May 29, 1929. As a child, he worked on his parents farm. His mother worked very hard to cook and feed the family and workers. He felt sorry for her and would help her by kneading the bread for her. He would also go with her when she had clothes to wash and would help her by squeezing the clothes. After he finished school, he served in the Greek Army as a lieutenant. He traveled to Toronto, Canada in 1957 and worked at Simpson's Department Store as a bus boy. At night, he went to school to learn the English language. In 1962, he came to Chicago and we were married November 25, 1962. He was hired at Solo Cup Company as a machine operator. He went to school at night to become a machinist. He became one of their best trouble shooter machinist. They made videos of him to show new employees. He retired in 1996 after 34 years of service. There were not too many things he could not do. He renovated our first home from putting tiles down, electrical work, installing bathrooms and adding rooms. He started work at 5:30 a.m. and came home at 2:30 p.m. and made dinner. He took our two daughters to Greek School and piano lessons. When I got home at 5:30 p.m., supper would be ready and we always had dinner together. The biggest treat for all of us was his Greek lemon soup that just couldn't be beat. He would make wonderful bread too. He loved cooking chicken and steaks on the grill. He also loved to use the rotisserie for chicken, pork and leg of lamb. On holidays, he would cook the turkey, lamb, etc. He would make bread like his mother. He would even make small loaves for each grandchild. Every year he would have a garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, swiss chard, eggplants and string beans. He planted trees in the yard. We have a peach tree that he planted from a Georgia Peach seed. Every other year, he had to put 2x4's to hold up the branches from the weight of the fruit. He also planted a pear tree that is full of pears. During the winter, he loved to burn wood in the fireplace. On holidays, he had it going all day long. John was a very loving husband and father whose family was his priority. There wasn't anything that he couldn't tell you about history, geography and wars. He was so well read about everything. May 6, 2006, John passed away after being fortunate enough to see his daughters married and having five loving grandchildren. As my daughter said, he was a true gentleman and wonderful,loving, and kind father.
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