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August 30, 1996
Object Entities
Thermos, George (created by)
Louis Tikas, George (is related to)
Object Description
Photograph of the gravestone of Louis Tikas. Gravestone is flat and rectangular and appears to be made of a red-brown and black speckled granite.  Grass surrounds the gravestone. An American flag is located in the lower left-hand corner. There is also a small wooden rod with white string located at the lower righthand corner. There are four stones located on the gravestone as well. The lowest, most left-hand stone holds down a picture of a pink rose. The gravestone reads: Louis Tikas Born: Ilias Anastasios Spantidakis Loutra Rethymnon. Crete. March, 13, 1886 Died Apr. 20, 1914. Victim of the Ludlow Massacre Organizer for the U.M.W.A. Patriot
Louis Tikas was a 26 year old Cretan who was leading a strike in the Colorado coal fields when he and 16 others including 13 women and children were murdered by what is known as the Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914
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Photograph, August 30, 1996, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3431. Accessed 05/29/23.