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This is a black and white photograph of a young boy. He is wearing a white dress, embroidered vest and hat. He is also holding something and standing next to a flower pot on his left. The photograph is circular and matted behind a cream background in a very embellished gold, red and rust-colored frame.
In this photogrpah is a young boy wearing traditional greek dress. It was donated by Lola Pyane from the estate of Louis Mitchell. Foustanellas are the tradional Greek Dress for men. It was typically worn by diplomats and warriors, found in mountainous areas and in Central and Southern parts of Greece. The costume derives it's name from the pleated white skirt (foustanella) which is made by triangle shaped fabric called langolia being sewed together diagonally. The skirt contains 400 pleats representing the amount of years the Greeks were under the Ottoman rule. The Greek fighters of 1821 wore foustanellas while fighting the Turkish. Today it serves as the official uniform of the Evzones, the Presidential Guard, who keep their vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Athens. The remainder of the costume is composed of a white shirt with a very wide flowing sleeve, and embroidered woolen vest called the "fermeli" and has panels hanging from the back. The vest can be blue, black or maroon, the latter worn by the captain of the guard. A sash is worn around the waist, and pointed shoes which have large pompons known as Tsarouhia which were worn for mountain climbing. Louis Mitchell's father started the resturant "Lou Mitchell's" in 1923, then run by his son. When entering Lou Mitchell's, women and children are given milk duds. Greeks are known for their warm abundant hospitality; upon entering their home you are offered something sweet as a welcome greeting. “Milk Duds” were originally manufactured in Chicago and the owner of the company was both a customer and dear friend of Uncle Lou’s, thus the choice of the sweets.
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Photograph, LOUIS MITCHELL ESTATE, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3417. Accessed 10/18/21.