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Yiannakopoulou, Marigo (is related to)
Roilos, Konstantinos (is related to)
Kolotronis, Theodoros (is related to)
Karey, Louis (is related to)
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A black and white photograph of a young woman in a wedding dress. The dress is very intricate, it has a coat and a skirt, with a lot of fringe on it. She is also wearing a fez, and holding a parasol in her right hand. Her left hand is on her hip, and she is resting against a stack of boxes.
Dress originally worn by Marigo N. Yiannakopoulou to Konstantions Roilos in Stemnitsa, Greece. Theodoros Kolokotronis was the best man. The photo shows the original bride's granddaughter wearing her grandmother's gown for her marriage in the United States. The dress, parasol, and fez worn with the wedding gown were donated by another granddaughter, Mrs. Louis J. Karey (Kiriopoulos) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is probably (after speaking with the donor) that the photograph was taken in Greece, at the time of the wedding.
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