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Date Created
Chicago World's Fair
Object Entities
Phillos, George (owned by)
Secaras, John (collected by)
Kopan, Andrew (is related to)
Object Description
George D. Phillos and nephew John A. Secaras at the Chicago World's Fair. Avenue of flags behind. Light sepia toned photograph of a man with a suit and tie and a hat, with a cane in one hand. In the other hand, he holds the hand of a young boy dressed in a white shirt with a sailor's style collar, white shorts, a darker sweater or jacket, and a cane in one hand. Behind them are two long aisles of flags on either side of the avenue in the center. There are groups of people in the background.
George D. Phillos was born in 1891. Info indicates that he arrived in the United States prior to 1917
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Photograph, 1934, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3365. Accessed 04/16/24.