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circa 1893
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Lattas, Dionysius (is related to)
Kopan, Andrew (is related to)
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Formal portrait of Bishop Dionysius (Lattas) of Zakynthos Black and white photograph, formal portrait of a man wearing the attire of a Greek Orthodox Bishop. He wears a black klobuk, which consists of a stiff head covering cylinder in shape with a long veil in the back which drapes down past his shoulders. Around his neck he wears two heavy medallion necklaces on thick chains that end with the medallions just below his chest. One seems to have an image of the Virgin Mary, the other is a cross with an oval shaped halo of light rays. On his lapel he has a cross shaped pin. In his left hand (right-hand side of photo) he holds and ornate staff that looks to be just slightly taller than the bishop himself. On its top there are two symmetrical carved serpent heads that jut out in a scrolled shape with each one's head facing the other. Around the shaft there is a carved spiral, and four carved orbs that separate the staff into four sections. The bishop has his right hand raised in greeting. He wears a black robe with long sleeves, and an ornately decorated cape of some sort of silken material that drapes over his shoulders. He has a very full beard and mustache. He is posed behind a plain, monochromatic, flat background.
The first Greek Orthodox prelate to visit Chicago. Arrived in 1893 as a representative of the Church of Greece to address the World Congress fo Religions at the Columbian Exhibition. While in Chicago he conducted Divine Liturgy and consecrated the first Greek Orthodox church in Chicago, the Annunication, on March 25, 1893. The church parish had been organized teh previous year by the Lycurgus Society (immigrants from Laconia) in rented quarters at Union and Randoph Streets, the heart of the area where most Greek immigrants worked.
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Photograph, circa 1893, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3344. Accessed 11/28/23.