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1890 – 1900
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Paulson, Despina (is related to)
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Black and white photograph of the Barbatsuly family photograph. There are three fows of people. The first row is of four children sitting (three boys one girl). The second are of four adults with three children sitting on their laps. And the last row is of four men and two women standing. Every one is dress up in formal clothes.
Donated by Despina Paulson Top Row #1-6, Second Down #7-10, Babies #11-13, Bottom Row #14-17 1. Argiris Mavrovitis (Stepbrother to Kalliope #6) 2. Kouvatsis (Kalliope's brother in law) 3. Leonida Mavrovitis (Kalliope's stepbrother) 4. Maid (name unknown) 5. Panayotis Barbatsoulis (grandfather of donor and Kalliope's husband) 6. Kalliope (Mavrovitis) Barbatsuly (grandmother of donor) 7. Athene (Mavrovitis) Kavatsis (Kalliope's sister and wife of #2) 8. Mavrovitis (Kalliope's father) 9. Katherine Mavrovitis (Kalliope's stepmother and wife of #8) 10. Mavrovitis (Kalliope's grandmother) 11. Christopher (son of Kouvatsis , #2 & #7) 12. Olga Mavrovitis (daughter of #8 &9) 13. George Mavrovitis (son of #8 & #9) 14. Thomae Barbatsoulis (Kalliope's daughter) 15. Lambros Barbatsoulis (Kalliope's son) 16. Theodore Barbatsoulis (Kalliope's son age 6, father of donor) 17. Demetrius Mavrovitis (Kalliope's stepbrother, son of #8 & #9)
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Photograph, 1890 – 1900, Despina's Collection, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/3293. Accessed 10/28/21.