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Lampis Anagnostopoulos. - Last Names: Anagnostopoulos - Village/City: Kaltezai - Sites/Neighborhoods (in Greece): Aloupohorion; Athens; Pireaus - Region/Areas: - Transportation: ship - Occupations (in Greece): Farming; shoemaker - Occupations (in US): bar server; ice cream server; dish washer; washing floor and windows; medical school - Sites/Neighborhoods (in US): New York; Chicago - Historic Events: - Church/Parish: Saints Peter and Paul, Glenview - Locations (point of entry): New York - Locations (the “spread”): Fort Bragg, North Carolina, St. Alban, Vermont - Residences (“current”): Northbrook - Year/Decade of migration: 1951 - Organizations/Affiliations: army ;military intelligent; Wright junior college; University of Chicago; University of Illinois; Hellenic medical society; Brotherhood of May 26, 1821
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