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HQ 1127 .W652 1994
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Women in the classical world.
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English (is part of)
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Women in archaic Greece : talk in praise and blame -- Spartan women : women in a warrior society -- Women in classical Athens : heroines and housewives -- Amazons : women in control -- The Hellenistic period : women in a cosmopolitan world -- Medicine : the "proof" of anatomy / Lesley Dean-Jones -- Republican Rome I : from marriage by capture to partnership in war, the proud women of early Rome -- Etruscan women / Larissa Bonfante -- Republican Rome II : women in a wealthy society, aristocratic and working women from the second century B.C.E. -- The "new women" : representation and reality -- Women, family, and sexuality in the age of Augustus and the Julio-Claudians -- The women of Pompeii -- Women of the high and later empire : conformity and diversity. gtt gtt swd swd ram ram ram fast
Rights and Reproduction

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