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Call Number
DF 805 .B74 2001
Object Name
The Greek War of Independence.
Object Collection
English (is part of)
Date Created
Object Entities
Brewer, David. (created by)
Overlook Press, (published by)
Object Description
Revolution and the Great Church -- Resentment and regeneration -- Two prophets of revolution -- The Philiki´ Eteri´a -- Ali Pasha -- Revolt along the Danube -- Doubts and deliberations in the South -- The storm breaks -- The land war -- The war at sea -- The Turkish reaction -- The capture of Tripolis -- Forming a government -- The eyes of the world on Greece -- The Philhellenes in action -- Chios -- The expedition of Dramali -- The Greeks divided -- Byron's road to Greece -- Byron at Mesolongi -- Gold from London -- Civil war in Greece -- Ibrahim in the Peloponnese -- The involvement of the powers -- Odysseus and Trelawny -- The fall of Mesolongi -- The second English loan -- Desperate remedies -- Athens, the last Ottoman success -- The Treaty of London and the Admirals' instructions -- Navarino -- Kapodhi´strias, a border and a king.
Rights and Reproduction

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