Certificate, Marriage
Certificate, Marriage
Certificate, Marriage
Certificate, Marriage
Certificate, Marriage

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Certificate, Marriage
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November 3, 1926
Effie Economou
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Certificate of Civil Marriage on paper. There are 10 total pages back to front (4 individual pieces of paper in booklet form). There are four hole punches along the left hand side of the cover and on each page. A red line runs down the page margin. Cover page details the Certificate of Civil Marriage in the Municipal Court of Casa Blanca between Christ Pismus and Anastasia Nicolas Deliparasceva Evangelo. Back of cover page is blank except for the red lines. Page one begins in black print that reads (Translation.) and begins to give details on the date and location. Back of Page one includes continuing black print along with the signatures of M.E. Springer and Joseph A. Springer. Page two includes a large red seal along with the signature of Joseph A. Springer and a stamp towards the middle of the page. Back of Page two is blank except for the red lines. Page three is the certificate in Spanish and includes two blue stamps with a seal at the top left hand corner. There are also two signatures at the bottom. Back of Page three is blank except for the red lines. Page 4 is the end of the booklet and contains nothing except for the red lines.
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