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Effie Economou
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Vanis, Anne (owned by)
Vanis, George (owned by)
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Reciept on paper. A black border surrounds the paper. In large print at the top reads "Greenlawn Cemetery" with information regarding the burial of Infant Vanis. In print and handwriting reads "George Vanis having paid to the CIty Treasurer the sum of six Dollars ($6.00), the receipt for which has been deposited in this oddicem the said Geo. Vanis, heirs and assigns, are entitled to the exclusve and perpetual use (for the purpose of sepulture alone) of Div. E Row 6 6 1/2 Lot No. 1 in section No. 23 of Greenlawn Cemetery, as numbered and designated on the plats of said cemetery, and containing ignore square feet of ground subject always to such rules and regulations as the Director of Public Service may at any time legally establish. Given under my hand and seal this 28 day of Feb. 1944." The bottom is signed by the clerk and city manager and includes an offical seal of approval. At the top left hand side, a note is written "Our brother born dead".
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Receipt, 1944, Economou Family Papers, National Hellenic Museum, Accessed 05/29/23.