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Angeli, Theo (created by)
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Colorful cartoon watercolor print by Theo Angeli mounted on a heavy poster-board backing. This print shows a busy intersection.  Lanes are indiscernible.  Traffic and pedestrians seem to converge in the chaotic intersection.  There are several buses and cars, a donkey pulling a cart, an oblivious man in a white suit and fedora reading the newspaper, a man on a scooter, and a crying baby all converging in the intersection.  Road signs above their heads appear to connect to nothing.  Two drivers and a man pulling the donkey cart are gesturing with open hands at each other. In the middle, roadkill, and a confused policeman with his hands up in the air. The Acropolis can be seen in the background.
Theo Anglei was most likely an American cartoon artist of Greek heritage who painted these as a hobby, probably around the 1960's.
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