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Angeli, Theo (created by)
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Colorful cartoon watercolor print by Theo Angeli mounted on a heavy poster-board backing. This print shows an older man with a white mustache and beard riding a donkey sidesaddle up a hill toward a church. He is wearing heavy black cassock, tall black cylindrical hat (Kalimavkion) indicating he is a priest, brown folk shoes with black pom-poms.  He is holding a cane in his left hand.  The church is on a hill off to the distance on the right side of the photo.  The white and tan colored dirt path leading to the church curves gently up and to the right.  On the left side of the photo, there is a range of purple mountains off in the distance and a flock of white birds flying overhead.
Theo Anglei was most likely an American cartoon artist of Greek heritage who painted these as a hobby, probably around the 1960's.
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