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Colorful cartoon watercolor print by Theo Angeli mounted on a heavy poster-board backing. This painting shows a Greek family. What's notable is that all of the adult men in this picture have been given bright red noses.  
  On the far left, there is an much older man with white curly hair and full beard, bright red nose and full white eyebrows. He is in full traditional dress; black hat, gray tunic with black belt, white socks, brown clogs topped with black pom-pom.  He is sitting down with his eyes closed holding a cane with both hands.
Next to him is a young man, in working clothes.  He is clean shaven wearing a loose, white tank top, gray cap and brown pants tied at the waist.
The next two men are middle aged in semi-traditional clothing, both have striped pants and shirts and are holding yellow worry beads with a red tassel.   The first of the two has a full bushy mustache, the second one has a toothbrush mustache.  Both have bright red noses.  At their feet is a sleeping white dog.
The man with the toothbrush mustache has his arm around the woman next to him who is sitting, smiling and holding an infant swaddled in a white blanket.   She is wearing a brown headscarf that wraps around her neck and partially covers her mouth.  Her dress is dark and ankle-length with topped with a colorful mustard and red striped apron.  There is a young man or boy in a blue and white t-shirt behind her waving a Greek flag. On the far right side of the painting is a young woman, in a festive blue, white and red knee-length semi-traditional dress.  She is wearing a mustard headkerchief decorated with red geometric pattern and is in full make-up.
Theo Anglei was most likely an American cartoon artist of Greek heritage who painted these as a hobby, probably around the 1960's.
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