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Colorful cartoon watercolor print by Theo Angeli mounted on a heavy poster-board backing. This print depicts a Greek village scene in the background with a fruit peddler, a housewife and a donkey in the foreground. The donkey is on the far left and further away than the man and the woman.  He is facing away from us - all that is visible is his back-end, and the baskets of fruit he has strapped to his back.  His ears are visible standing above the height of the baskets.  The peddler is in the middle of the picture; closer than the donkey but slightly further away than the woman.   He has short dark hair and a toothbrush mustache.  He is dressed in stripes; his pants and matching cap have dark and medium blue stripes, his shirt has blue and white stripes, his belt/sash around his waist is also striped tan and black.  He his vest is black and open, appearing a little too small to button.  He is holding a scale in his right hand with what appears to be tomatoes or apples or some kind of red colored produce on it.  He is smiling and holding up three fingers with his left hand.
The woman, in contrast, is not smiling and holding up only two fingers.  Her right hand is displaying the two fingers, her left hand is on her hip and her mouth is wide open as if "giving him an earful".
She wearing a long yellow dress/nightie with orange polka-dots and spaghetti straps, green slippers and has blue curlers in her hair.  
Theo Anglei was most likely an American cartoon artist of Greek heritage who painted these as a hobby, probably around the 1960's.
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