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Karountzos, Steve (is related to)
Hadzimichali, (is related to)
Sperling, Angeliki (is related to)
Sperling, Nicolas (is related to)
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Framed portrait of a clean-shaven male in profile facing right dressed in traditional costume. He wears a simple small brimless black cap. He wears a baggy white shirt, with a black vest with embroidered detail in black at the front. The underside is red. There is an attached white tassle which runs from the right lapel to a pocket under the right arm. Around the waist is a red sash with thin bands of gold, white, and blue. He wears a baggy pair of trousers (karamani) and black cloth greaves over plain black shoes. This is an indeterminate exterior scene with a white and gray ground and a blue and white sky. The bottom right hand corner of the print says "Ipiros" in English and Greek. The matting for the portrait is a slate blue hue, with a gold frame.
This print comes from the Book "Hellenic National Costumes" by Hadzimichali, Angeliki and Nicolas Sperling. The prints were done by miniature artist Sperling. The book had multiple pressings (1948, 1954). Ultimately there were two volumes and a supplement with 111 plates total. The original unframed, unmatted prints were 8 1/2" X 11 5/8". Steve Karountzos has lived in the United States since 1966 and attained U.S. citizenship in 1971. Before that, he served as a sergeant in the Greek Royal Air Force from 1954 to 1958. Now residing in Hammond, Indiana, he is now a part of the Northwest Indiana contingent of Greek and Greek-American military verterans.
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