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Date Created
circa 1900 – 1929, 1900 – 1929
Alternative Name
381.0000000000 cm. H x 167.6400000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Description
Hand-woven wool textile made by the donor's paternal grandmother, Koula Kakouriots of Argos, Greece. There are motifs of fertility, love & union, star, fetter, eye, wolf's mouth, and the tree of life. The colors of red, green, purple, orange, and green are vibrant and naturally dyed. There are 8 bands of motifs spanning the length of the textile. Around the time this kilim was made, young marriageable women would collect linens and other materials to make items that would make up their dowery. Koula made this kilimi on a loon as part of hers. Once married, she and her husband would put the rug out on the floor in the winter on top of bamboo leaves to protect the rug from the dirt on the floor.
Made in the early 1900s, Koula gave the kilimi to the donor's parents as a wedding present for their new home in America in 1962. The donor's father immigrated to the US in 1955 to Atlanta.
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