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Object Name
4.9225200000 cm. H x 59.2150200000 cm. W x 75.7250200000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Paper; Wood
Object Entities
Phillips, David (collected by)
Phillips, George (is related to)
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Object Description
Black and white photograph mounted on a black square. The photo shows a woman sitting at a table with a sewing machine. She is wearing a dress and a checkered apron. There is a string tied to the sewing machine cord, which is in turn attached to the wall. There are many spools of thread beside the sewing machine, as well as in the foreground. The woman appears to be sewing something that is large and burlap. The wall is darker directly behind her, as though it is a doorway. The bottom left corner says "Copyright 2004, David R. Phillips Collection, Chicago Illinois 60607."
From the David R. Phillips collection in 2004. David R. Phillips has a large collection of historical photographs of Chicago from the 1860s to the 1970s. He has over 100,000 pieces in his collection including original negatives. The back of the photo says that women often did piecework at home to supplement the household income, and that the photo was purchased from David R. Phillips
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