Object ID
Object Name
Album, Photograph
Date Created
1996 – 1997
5.3975000000 cm. H x 25.2425200000 cm. W x 28.8925000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Metal; Paper; Plastic
Object Description
Dark blue photo album with a golden colored border on the front and four groups of three golden lines on the binding. The photos are held in with a three ringed binder clasp. The pages are plain with plastic over them like a scrapbook, and they can generally fit three photos. The photos are of elderly citizens doing various things, such as holding a wide variety of furred creatures, to carving pumpkins, to eating cake, to decorating for Christmas. The back of the album has bigger pages than the front of the album. In the back, there are also photos of children throughout the years.
A bus in some of the photos reads "Northwest Chicago Senior Care Center: an Agency of Greek American Community Services." There are people in the photos who resemble those who attended the Greek-American Community Services Heritage Awards Banquets (F2016.225).
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