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circa 1870
34.7675200000 cm. H x 115.7300200000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Kyriacopoulos, Anastassios (is related to)
Kyros, Thomas (is related to)
Kiriakopoulos, Ekaterina (is related to)
Object Description
The jacket is made of dark green velvety material. It looks worn through in some places, especially radiating from the armpits. The inside of the jacket is brown and it has golden braiding around the edges. It is open in the front, with clasps at the bottom where the cloth comes together. On the jacket by the clasps, there are designs in golden thread. In the middle, it looks like a seven petaled flower. It is surrounded by a loop of golden thread that trails off on the outside edge. Along the edge, the golden thread forms half-circles, like a scalloped design. There is golden braid that runs from the underside of the arm down the side. On the outside of the sleeves, there is a design with two flowers on the outside and a point in the middle. In the bottom corners on the front, the thread forms a spiral design that branches out at the end. In the bottom corners of the back, there is the same flower design that is on the front near the clasps. There are lines of thread that come together to form a V with a flat bottom at the back, as well as a line that goes from the armpits to the edges of the V. In the middle of the V, there is a triangle design with flowers in its two lower corners (which are rounded). At the top, there is a smaller triangle.
This vest/jacket was made c. 1870 and worn by Ekaterina Kiriakopoulos, who lived in a mountain village in the Peloponnese called Agriakona, which is in the municipality of Tripoli, 35 miles north of Sparta. It has remained in the family of her son, Anastassios Kyriacopoulos (Thomas Kyros), deceased. It is being donated to the National Hellenic Museum to provide an example to young people of the style of dress and the petite stature of women in the late nineteenth century in the mountain villages of Peloponnese. When Anastassios Kyriacopoulos was born on December 25, 1897, in Agriakona, Greece, his father, Yeorgos, was 27 and his mother Ekaterina, was 27. He married Vasiliki Yangas on November 28, 1921, in Cook County, Illinois. They had four children in 12 years. He died on May 6, 1991 in Hinsdale, Illinois, at the age of 93. The garment belonged to Thomas Kyros's mother.
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