Object ID
Object Name
Certificate, Award
Date Created
November 19, 1969
25.0825000000 cm. W x 20.16252 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Maragos, Samuel (is related to)
Pryon, Edwin (is related to)
Delouecry, Thomas (is related to)
Object Description
White certificate of merit. It says "Disabled American Veterans" at the top in blue with their logo below it.  The logo features a flag and a kneeling soldier. Below this, it reads "Department of Illinois" and below this in red, "Citation for Meritorius Service" in blue: "Conferred Upon State Representative - Samuel C. Maragos (black ink) for outstanding Services beyond the call of duty to the disabled men and women and their dependents within the State of Illinois. In appreciation, the Department of Illinois Disabled American Veterans hereby issues this Certificate of Merit." It is signed in black by Edwin L. Pryor, Commander and in blue by Thomas J. DeLouecuy (sp?), the Adjutant. In the bottom left corner, there is a metallic gold seal partially covering narrow red, white, and blue ribbons.
Mr. Margos' parents were Greek immigrants. Margos was a lawyer and a senator. His family moved to Chicago during the Depression. In 1943, he joined the army and became a lieutenant by the time he left in 1946. He was pro unions, and a founding member of the Hellenic Bar Association.
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