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1950 – 1970
23.9725200000 cm. H x 12.5425200000 cm. W Width was taken from the elbow to the end of the hand with the handbag., Item (Overall)
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Roldan, (created by)
Roldan, (is related to)
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Doll wearing a green skirt and shawl with flower patterns. The shawl is lined in lace and covers the doll's head, leaving her face visible. Her shirt is black and long sleeved, with lace cuffs. In her left hand, she is holding a black handbag that has gold around the top and sides. She is also wearing a black apron with black lace and a gold border. It has small green and red sequins on it, and is tied in a bow at the back. Her black hair is braided down her back. Her underdress is white with lace at the bottom. She has black goes, and her feet are curved at strange angles, almost like a ballerina's. She has black stockings, pink hands, rosy cheeks, and blue eyes. Ther is a tag on her skirt that reads "Roldan Original, Made in Spain"
Roldan dolls were made in Barcelona. They are made of pressed felt and are tourist dolls. They come in many different characters.
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