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Object Name
31.9100200000 cm. H x 16.0350200000 cm. W x 11.2725200000 cm. Diameter The diameter refers to the stand., Item (Overall)
Metal; Plastic
Object Entities
T.Anton, George (is related to)
Object Description
The doll is wearing a blue dress with a red panel on the front. Its undershirt is pink with lace and golden trim. It also has pink lace on its bodice and lace at its cuffs. The dress has a criss cross design in gold, with green flowers in the middle of the crosses with yellow beads at their centers. The dress is tied around her waist with a black band that has the Greek key design in silver. The back of her dress has a different design, where the golden trim goes up in a rectangle in teh middle. there are also bigger flowers, like the green ones but with a larger silver part around them. The back of the Greek key band has a little green flower on it. The red panel in the front also has designs in gold, with the little green flowers. At the doll's neck, there is a silver flower with a pink bead in the center, like a necklace. She has two silver flowers as earrings. She has black hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a fez as well with a long golden tassel. She is also wearing black shoes. She also has a stand, which was made in Chicago.
This doll is in traditional native costume. It is included in a list that is said to be part of a collection of twelve dolls in traditional regional costume, and is a handmade souviner in Greece.
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