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Object ID
Object Name
15.0825200000 cm. H, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Company, Marshall Field and (created by)
Mitchell, Helen (owned by)
Field, Marshall (is related to)
Vranas, Bill (is related to)
Mitchell, Helen (is related to)
Object Description
Offwhite hat with multiple folds. The fabric of the hat comes together at the top in a swirling pattern. The front of the hat rises up a bit further than the back. The fabric has lines that cross to form a grid-like pattern. The lines are thicker in the middle, then thin out. They are thick where the intersecting line is thin. There is an orange-ish stain on the front. The inside of the hat has a lacelike material, with a tan colored headband. There is a tag in the hat that reads " Marshall Field and Company" and says that the hat is a size 50. Hat is located inside hatbox (1999.9.10).
Marshall Field and Company, also known as Marshall Fields, was an upscale department store in Chicago. They originally had a building on State Street in the Loop before they were bought out by Macy's. Marshall Field was famous for his slogan "Give the lady what she wants."
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