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Date Created
1950 – 1970
16.6700200000 cm. H x 28.1000200000 cm. Diameter, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Mitchell, Helen (owned by)
Vranas, Bill (is related to)
Fox, (is related to)
Mitchell, Helen (is related to)
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Object Description
This circular hatbox contains hat 1999.9.11. The side of the box is vertically striped with golden and peach colors. It has a white braided handle that goes in three times on one side and once on the other. The side of the lid is also golden colored, and there is a circluar piece of paper taking up the entire lid with a picture of a fox in black and white. It reads "Fox millinery supply, 162 N. State Street, Chicago 1, Illinois, 'Every Millinery Requirement'" The bottom of the box has the same picture and words. There is a piece of tape on the side of the box that has turned yellow and says "Red Silk" in cursive. The inside of the box is beige colored, and the staples that hold the box together can be seen.
Millinery is another word for women's hats. The term is derived from the term "Millaners," who were merchants from Milan who went around Northern Europe promoting the latest styles. This hat collection was owned by Helen Stamas Mitchell.
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