Object ID
Object Name
Jacket, Life
Date Created
June 22, 1945
34.76752 cm. W x 62.5475 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Metal; Neoprene
Object Entities
Eagle Rubber, (created by)
Yiannias, Nickas (is related to)
Object Description
This is a Navy life jacket from World War II. It is made out of dark green neoprene with a teardrop shaped opening for the head. The jacket splits in two near the base to allow it to inflate. Thter are dark blue straps attached to the jacket, which have a metal clip at one end and a metal loop at the other in order to secure the life jacket to a person. In between the folds of the jacket, there are two dark green tubes attached to the jacket with white rope pull chords with a black piece of rubber on them, presumabley meant to be pulled in order to inflate the jacket. The pull string has been secured to the tube by copper wire, so that it can't be pulled. In the bottom back right corner, there is manufacturing information. The inside of the jacket is blue, which may have been its original color.
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber known for its stability and flexibility. The Eagle Rubber Company originaly manufactured balloons before it began manufacturing military equipment during World War II. Life jackets like this are known as "Mae Wests" referring to a famous actress of the time.
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